Candidates Filing for Election

The following persons have filed with the Knox County Clerk’s office to have their names placed on the upcoming Election ballot.  Others candidates that were required to file with the Illinois State Board of Elections or the local Election Authorities as prescribed by the Election Code.  Those candidates will appear on the sample ballots posted for the specific Election.  Candidates appear in the order that they filed with this office.  If simultaneous filings occurred, a lottery process will determine the order for the ballot. 

   2017 Consolidated Election Candidates – School Boards
 School District  Candidate Name  Twp/Range
 Knoxville CUSD #202 Patrick G. Callahan Knox Township
   Randall “Randy” Bryan Knox Township
   Trent Alan Ericson Knox Township
   Jim Lenz Knox Township
 Galesburg CUSD #205 Rod Scherpe Galesburg Township
   Robert Lindstrom Galesburg Township
   Vickie J. Banks Galesburg Township
   Isaiah Harlan Galesburg Township
   Kole Kenan  Galesburg Township
   Gay Johnson Galesburg Township
      Remaining Congressional Townships Joshua D. Gibb Henderson Township
   Maurice N. Lyon Coldbrook Township
ROWVA CUSD #208 James Jordan Haynes Sparta Township
   Township/Range Scott R. Lake Rio Township
Williamsfield CUSD #210 Thomas J. Kordewick Persifer Township
  Township/Range Mary A. Bush Persifer Township
  Aaron Buck Truro Township
  Brian S. Howard Truro Township
  Charles M. Ingle Truro Township
  April Bouchez Victoria Township
Abingdon-Avon CUSD #276 Frank Craver Candidates run at large
  Brittany Terwilliger  
  David Lee Serven  
  Richard Quinn, Sr.  
  Chris Nagel  
  Lisa Zucco  
  Randall D. Cooper  
  Joshua C. Pierce  
  Scott Cameron  
  Amy Goehl  
  Matthew L. Stegall